Nate Wienert

Developer, Designer. Creator of 2u.fm, GameGum & obtvse.

Installing Obtvse on Heroku

If you don’t have rails or git, I recommend starting out by installing Homebrew. Here’s a nice guide to get your going.

Clone the repo

git clone git://github.com/NateW/obtvse.git

Install the bundle

cd obtvse bundle install

Configure your settings

All the settings are inside config/config.yml. Be sure to set your admin username and password.

Push to Heroku

Heroku has a good getting started guide for pushing apps to their cedar stack (Rails 3 / ruby 1.9).

heroku create --stack cedar

Anytime you make changes, you can commit them and then push them to Heroku.

git add . git commit -m "My changes here" git push heroku master

Run database migrations and finish

heroku run rake db:migrate heroku open

If you ever want to pull in the latest version of Obtvse just run this before you commit and push to heroku.

git pull github master

I did a quick run-through and got it running.